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Our Process

Tanning Process at Vinyork Leather Works

Experience, dedication, and professionalism drive us to produce the highest quality leather, and following this simple rule, we make modern technology work in tandem with fine craftsmanship. This technology synthesis results in processing tons of leather every year and distributing it to markets across the globe.

Our experienced team, with their profound knowledge and skill set, initiate the complex process of tanning leather with a series of treatments. Thanks to the ongoing research on modern machinery and other advanced systems, the professionals can easily treat the hides and process them to produce any kind of leather articles for many different industries.
1. Soaking

Removing impurities and folds from the hides by washing them with water

2. Pressing

Eliminating excess water and stretching the hide

3. Splitting

Horizontally separating the outer surface of the hide from the lower surface (split)

4. Shaving

Acquiring equal thickness on the hide

5. Trimming

Cutting, selecting, and dividing the hide as per the requirement

6. Dyeing

For hide softness, nice color, and durability, the hide is dyed

7. Drying

Using special metal plate equipment, water is removed via vacuum suction

8. Conveyor

Leather conditioning at ambient temperature by suspending it down from an overhead conveyor

9. Staking

Mechanical beating action to soften the leather

10. Buffing

Using special paper for abrasion of leather surface (for nubuck and suede splits)

11. Fulling

Mechanical buffeting within drums to soften leather under controlled humid conditions

12. Finishing

Aesthetic advancements for color, shine, and appearance

13. Ironing

This process includes adjusting shine levels

14. Trimming

Making the finished product’s edges regular

15. Workshop

Carrying out physical and chemical tests to international standards and customer requirements

16. Selection

Examining the quality of the finished product, thickness, and surface properties

17. Measuring

Measuring the product with precision electronic instruments, then packing and delivering it to the customer

18. Storage

Keeping finished goods ready for easy and on-time dispatch

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