We are manufacturing custom Italian leather to turn your ideas into reality.

Our story


A pioneer in the Italian leather industry, Shri Hari Krishna is the man behind the successful 30+ years of Vinyork Leathers. For more than three decades, he has been delivering integrity, quality, and timeless craftsmanship to his clients across the country and beyond. His journey behind Vinyork Leathers has made him an absolute merchandising leader today.

It all started with self learning

Hari Krishna hails from Ranipet, an industrial hub in Southern Chennai known for its large and small-scale leather industries. While his journey as a leather pioneer started three decades ago, he took baby steps in the know-how of leather tanning and processing before Vinyork was born. He established his team of professionals with some known contacts, and the rest is what we see today.

With each passing day, Hari Krishna stepped ahead in his dream of making a wide variety of leather products in various colours and textures available to all. His vision of reaching clients with trust and innovation has been blooming ever since.

Reaching clients with innovation & excellence

The passion for leather has made Hari Krishna come a long way. He realized the gap in the market that leather is being processed with limited colours and types, and it is not reaching everyone out there. The thought of reaching clients with innovation and excellence was cemented in his mind, giving birth to Vinyork. Evolving for more than 30 years in the Italian leather industry, Hari Krishna has broadened his outlook on end-to-end leather processing with a wide range of colours and types suitable for many different industries.

Creating a difference in the business is not enough, it’s important to serve society as a whole with quality leather products and fine aesthetics, says Hari Krishna. Vinyork Leathers is specialized in manufacturing customized leather products for the automotive, aviation, hospitality, and home-interior sectors. We ideate the requirements of our clients with the greatest degree of dedication and craftsmanship.

Target audience

From a homemaker to an aviation engineer, the target audience, as per Hari Krishna, is every individual who fancies durable and stylish leather accessories. His vision to reach everyone and mission to make an end-to-end process of getting quality leather is what he is working towards.

Vinyork Leathers is committed to offering client-specific solutions from small industries to large ones. We offer trendy pieces with the highest quality, and we aim to consistently contribute to different businesses that can make Vinyork Leathers a go-to premium brand.

The difference we make

With eco-friendly and effective processing of leather, Vinyork Leathers reduces the amount of chemicals used for refining hide/skins into finished leather. While we are not processing leather at the cost of nature, we believe it to be on trend with fine aesthetics. Hence, we provide customized leather products in a myriad of colours, textures, and types–being a one-stop destination suiting all your needs. The timeless pieces stand the test of time and are customized as and how you say.

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